How to prepare my portfolio for DSA?

Myth: You need to present from your portfolio.
Truth: Your portfolio may not even be looked at during the interview session!
Another Truth: But that does not mean you do not need a prepare your portfolio.

Yes, that is right. Based on the experience of students who took the DSA interview at various tops schools, this is the disappointing truth. However, we urge students not to compromise on the quality of the portfolio you compile. Reason being that a portfolio shows to the interviewing teachers that YOU are well-prepared and interested in joining the school as a future student. Having a portfolio by your side also allows you to refer and show the interviewing teachers what you have achieved in your Primary school years if they ask.

In case you were wondering what a portfolio is, it is basically a compilation of awards, certificates, transcripts and if you wish, teacher's recommendations are good too. A summarized copy of your CCA involvements, competitions and CIP projects are good to include in your portfolio too. 


There are a few essentials that should be included in every portfolio you bring to a DSA interview. Depending on your academic strengths, your portfolio should/may include some/all of the below listed. Of course a good-looking folder to contain your documents is also recommended. 
- Transcripts (P4 to Early P6)
- Competitions
- Participation in camps
- Leadership roles in schools
- CIP and CCA involvement
- Personal Statement (Compulsory for some schools but not all)

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